At one of our recent holiday gift events we were fortunate enough to meet a new local artist, Jennifer Holcomb, proprietor of OK Louise! We quickly signed up as one of her first stores! Refer below for what her company is all about!

OK Louise – We’re a company built by inspirations. Inspiration from shapes, materials, patterns, and color. We’re inspired by finding premium leather hides, responsibly sourced from tanneries built on tradition. We’re inspired from being the fourth generation of creators, builders, makers, adventurers, inventors, tinkerers, and trailblazers all bearing the name Louise. We’re inspired by Portland, the city that has watched us grow up and, in turn, been lucky enough to watch it grow up over these generations. We’re inspired by the lakes, by the forests, by the mountains, and by the sands of Oregon. We’re inspired by openness, and sharing of ideas and, of community. We’re inspired by purpose-built design. We’re inspired by patterning, yields, and engineering. We’re inspired by handles, pockets, straps, and seams. We’re inspired by proportion, silhouette, and line. And we’re inspired by you.

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